Posted by: Enjoy Life the Greek Way | March 23, 2012

Mussels and Herbs in tomato sause

This is a quick and easy recipe, which can be prepared either at home or on board, while sailing.

What is needed:

Mussels, herbs (Kafkalithra, roka, spinach, or whatever else exists) onions, leeks olive oil, salt pepper.

You clean carefully all vegetables and cut them in small pieces. You clean also the mussels (if you use frozen mussels, put them in a can with water, boil them once, then wring them) and put them in a seperate plate.

You put a deep pan on the fire, pοοr olive oil (4-5 soup spoon) Add the vegetables mixed and let them boil on the fire about 5 minutes, covered with the pan cap. Reduce the fire to medium and add tomato sause or tomato pasta dissolved in ca. 300 ml water and let them boil slowly for another 5 minutes. Then add the mussels, salt and pepper as you like and and let them boil slowly for about 15 minutes.

Your appetizer is ready to be served. Enjoy it.

If you join us in your sailing vacations, we will introduce you to the secrets of the Greek cuisine, either preparing light food to eat on board, or visiting small local taverns (not for tourists) where you will enjoy quality and taste.

Yannis K.


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